The Cost of Crashes

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February 17, 2016
High Visibility Enforcement campaigns educate bicyclists/pedestrians across Tampa Bay region
February 29, 2016

Fact: Pedestrians make up 19% of Florida’s crash-related fatalities and bicyclists make up 5%, totaling $737 million dollars in medical and work loss costs.

These numbers aside, the most devastating cost is the loss of the lives of children, parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, partners, and friends who die in crashes each year.


These crashes are preventable. That is why the Bike/Walk Tampa Bay coalition is dedicated to educating our drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists about safety laws and strategies that prevent crashes. The coalition is also active in the process of collaborating with engineers and planners to redesign our road systems in order to protect pedestrians. This means making necessary changes to infrastructure—for instance, adding refuge islands, crosswalks, and bike lanes. Funding for high visibility enforcement efforts has also increased in our region, allowing police to work overtime to issue warnings and traffic tickets to prevent traffic fatalities.


The Bike/Walk Tampa Bay coalition encourages everyone to participate in walking and biking, and to do so safely. Click here to take the WalkWise pledge, and here to schedule a safety presentation. Click here for a calendar of the walking and cycling events in your area, as well as public meetings. Join us in our efforts to diminish the cost of crashes.

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