Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy advocates cooperative approach with “Good n Plenty” speech

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August 8, 2016
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September 2, 2016
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Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy advocates cooperative approach with “Good n Plenty” speech

Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy recently spoke at FDOT’s 2016 Local Agency Safety Summit on January 20th. Kennedy is a Commissioner in Indian Rocks Beach and secretary on the Pinellas County MPO, representing the 10 beach communities along Gulf Boulevard.  According to Kennedy, prioritizing walking and biking at the human level means speaking to people in the same way.

At the 2016 Safety Summit, Kennedy engaged stakeholders and the public with her “Good n Plenty” speech. When asked how she came up with the idea, she said she was scanning the aisles of a local candy store and spotted a box of “Good n Plenty.” The concept took off from there. A box of “Good n Plenty” is filled with handfuls of pink and white candies. According to Kennedy, we can package safety in similar ways. Kennedy advocates that we embrace the good and plenty in our safety initiatives: public and private partnerships, comprehensive education, and engineering that supports and encourages bike and pedestrian infrastructure are all ways of doing this.

“The idea is to come together for the greater good” she said. “We need to bring all stakeholders to the table—that’s what’s important here. Business owners, residents, and municipalities can participate in bike sharing, bike lanes, and pedestrian safety—Gulf Boulevard is about beach access. We have the good, and we have plenty of opportunities to work together.”

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