Gulfport Loop Trail Plan Passes

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April 8, 2016
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April 19, 2016

Mayor Sam Henderson is working hard to enhance the opportunities available to the cycling and walking communities of Gulfport and beyond. On April 5th, the trail plan Mayor Henderson has been advocating for finally passed. The plan is to bring the trails into the heart of Gulfport. In addition to adding a connection between the Pinellas and Skyway Trails to lead cyclists and pedestrians through downtown Gulfport, the Gulfport Loop will connect cyclists to the Pinellas Bayway Bridge—a beautiful place to behold spectacular panoramic views.

Currently, the Pinellas Trail passes through Gulfport at the north end of the city near a high school, cemetery, and a gated community in an area that is “not the most welcoming,” Mayor Henderson says. Adding the loop will encourage cycling, help to reduce air pollution, and alleviate parking for area businesses. Gulfport Businesses will also have the opportunity to advertise their relative locations at various mile markers on the trail so cyclists can stop to eat, drink, and shop. Bike racks and repair stations for cyclists will be provided on the loop as well, and give people a lovely way to get in and out of the city without having to face the dangers of busy roads or sidewalks.

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