What’s Next For Local Transportation?
June 16, 2015
Westshore plans for walkers and bicycle riders
June 18, 2015

Get your walking shoes on because the “Do the Local Motion” program is back this October with free guided walking tours of Downtown Tampa. Though you may have lived and/or worked in the downtown Tampa area for many years, there are still many places to be discovered. Guest tour guides, who are experts on various subject matter, lead each themed bi-weekly tour. These tours are a great way to uncover local culture, both indoors and outdoors, with an informed leader. While you learn about the city you’ll also get your daily dose of exercise since the tours include stretching led by an instructor from The Y and cover a distance of up to two miles.

Each tour has on average almost 50 participants, many of which have shared their favorite part about the outings. Walkers say that the tours make them feel like a Tampa tourist learning new things, and that they have been given the opportunity to learn more about and engage with the city they call home. So, consider changing up your workout routine this fall, and give the Do the Local Motion tours a try! Combining fitness with culture and community, Do the Local Motion does it all. Click here for more information.

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