“Bikes on Buses” enhances mobility, increases options for Tampa riders

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March 30, 2016
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April 5, 2016
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“Bikes on Buses” enhances mobility, increases options for Tampa riders

“Bikes on Buses” enhances mobility, increases options for Bay area riders

Ever take the bus or trolley somewhere and wish you had your bicycle when you arrived at your destination? Maybe a park is nearby; perhaps a trail entrance or a bike route to the beach. Maybe you need your bike because you ride the bus to commute to work and it’s too far a walk to the bus stop. “Bikes on Buses” affords Tampa riders the opportunity to commute in easy, safe, and cost effective ways.  Areas you could never get to by bike alone are just a bus ride away, and you can bring your bike on almost any bus or trolley in the Tampa area.

Hillsborough County Regional Transit (HART) participates in “Bikes on Buses.” HART buses have bike racks so passengers can safely store their bikes when they need to catch a ride. Go to the HART website for instructions on how to use the racks, demonstrated by a video tutorial. Pinellas Suncoast Transportation Authority (PSTA) also has racks on buses; “Bikes on Buses” instructions can be found on their website. In addition, passengers and their bikes can be transported on the Suncoast Avenue Trolley, the Suncoast Beach Trolley, and the Clearwater Jolly Trolley; bike racks are installed on the front of each vehicle. Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT) also participates in “Bikes on Buses” and will train passengers in person at several convenient locations. For more information, visit their website. In addition, the TECO Line Street Car in Ybor City allows passengers to store bicycles in wheelchair areas as long as those areas are not in use. No special permits are required to bring your bike on a bus. And you can get anywhere in the Tampa area by transferring from one bus line to another; HART buses transfer to PSTA buses, and PSTA buses transfer to PCPT buses.

Here are a few general instructions for bringing your bike on a bus: load and secure bikes to the outside rack but do not lock them to the rack. If you have a folding bike make sure it is folded and ready when the bus arrives. Finally, tell the driver if you have a bike secured to the bike rack and will need to remove it before exiting the bus.

Enjoy the ride!

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