Murals bring attention to bicycle/pedestrian space in Tampa

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December 9, 2020
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January 11, 2021
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Murals bring attention to bicycle/pedestrian space in Tampa

Murals are a fun way to call attention to bicycle and pedestrian facilities while engaging the community.

An initiative by the Tampa Downtown Partnership and the City of Tampa engaged artists and volunteers to create murals and other artwork for numerous roadway and parking garage surfaces around town.. Murals, like the ones installed in Tampa, are shown to help call attention to bicyclists and pedestrians as well as highlight related facilities, like bike parking. The Tampa Downtown Partnership recently presented the collection of artwork and murals to the public during its Walk & Bike Downtown Holiday Showcase event, held December 5, 2020. Event participants were encouraged to take a self-guided tour of the various art installations and chat with the many artists who were available to answer questions.

“Reflection Current” curb extension mural project on Ashley Drive in downtown Tampa.

Artwork calls attention to parking with signage to let bicyclists know there’s a secure place to lock up.

Highlighting bike parking areas with paint calls attention to bicyclists seeking parking while also being more visible to motorists.

Parklets reclaim space on roadways for use by pedestrians and bicyclists.

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