Michael Schwaid is presented with the Bicyclist of the Year award by BWTB Chair Jane Castor

The Michael R. Schwaid Bicyclist of the Year is awarded to a bicyclist showing extraordinary courage and resilience and serves as a role model for other bicyclists.

The first Bicyclist of the Year was presented to Michael Schwaid of Odessa, who commuted daily to his job at the Pinellas County Courthouse, earning national recognition from the League of American Bicyclists for surpassing 20,000 commute miles. That all changed on March 30, 2016, when he was hit by a drunk driver on his bicycle and sustained two broken ankles and a shattered pelvis. Michael was honored for his passion for bicycling, and his courage and resilience in getting back on his bicycle, as well as his safety advocacy. Later in 2017, Michael passed away of natural causes. The BWTB Board of Directors, with the support of the Schwaid family, named the award “Michael R. Schwaid Bicyclist of the Year” in his  honor.

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