TBARTA provides Emergency Ride Home for commuters, supports cycling and walking

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July 7, 2016
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TBARTA provides Emergency Ride Home for commuters, supports cycling and walking

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Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) offers a free (or low cost) Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program to commuters in the Tampa Bay Area who carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, bicycle or walk to work or school two or more days a week. The program works by providing vouchers to individuals registered in the TBARTA Commuter Assistance Program (CAP), which are exchanged for taxi fare up to $100 one way, four times per year.

ERH provides assurance that in the event of a personal or family emergency, unscheduled overtime, illness, or, if carpool partners have an emergency that affects their travel plans, you won’t be stranded at school or work. “Bicycling, walking, and taking the bus are becoming a much more viable way to travel in Tampa Bay, and the availability of services and facilities that encourage that behavior are the key to more people giving it a try,” said TBARTA Executive Director, Ramond Chiaramonte. “By providing an emergency ride home, we’re not only making non-automobile travel safer for individuals, but also helping employers and schools to adopt ridesharing programs or making it feasible to start one.”

Once registered, individuals receive information on how to use ERH, as well as their first voucher. All that is needed for an emergency trip home is the completed voucher and a picture I.D. “It’s a good one, especially for someone who doesn’t have cash on hand most of the time,” said ERH user, Lien Do, when asked about the program. Once the first voucher is used, TBARTA provides the next voucher by request at the 800 number listed below.

Those looking for a partner to bicycle to work or school can also use TBARTA’s Bike Partner Matching service. Walking or riding a bicycle in a group can make travelers more noticeable, and may greatly increas levels of safety.

Click here to register or call 800-998-RIDE (7433) get started with Emergency Ride Home today.


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