Signal cabinet art increases pedestrian awareness and encourages crosswalk use

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January 11, 2021
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Signal cabinet art increases pedestrian awareness and encourages crosswalk use

Example of flat artwork used to wrap one of the signal cabinets. Each distinct panel represents one of four signal cabinet sides.

Placing colorful and engaging artwork near sidewalks and crosswalks is a great way to reach people walking and makes streets more inviting. Ginger Regalado, Bicyclist & Pedestrian Program Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven, saw an opportunity to place artwork where people walking would see the art—on signal cabinets adjacent to crosswalks. Ginger’s vision for the cabinet art included safety themes that would be inclusive of everyone. The art was created by Vanessa Wheeler, BWTB Illustrator, with Ginger Regalado’s guidance, and Julie Bond, BWTB Program Director, provided additional editorial input. The first signal boxes displaying the new artwork are located near the Raymond James Stadium just in time for Super Bowl LV. “The artwork for the signal cabinets was designed to include everyone, while sending a positive message about pedestrian safety,” Ginger said. “The artwork is bright, cheery, and reflective of the Tampa Bay area.”


Signal cabinets located nearest to the Raymond James Stadium were prioritized ahead of the 2021 Super Bowl. Development of the artwork was done in three distinct phases: topic and style selection; sketch development and review; and digital rendering and fine-tuning of final artwork. Priority topics included the portrayal of ethnically and generationally diverse people utilizing different types of crosswalk environments and in different crosswalk cycle phases. “Pedestrian safety is important to me personally and professionally,” said Ms. Wheeler, who specializes in pedestrian and bicycle safety campaigns. “I’m especially pleased with this project as it expands on the ways we are able reach people with safety messaging and does so visually without having to use words.”
More signal cabinets throughout the region will be wrapped with the artwork in the coming months.

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