Tampa Bay bicyclists log more than 58,000 miles during March, log virtual rides, and #socialdistance

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April 3, 2020
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April 30, 2020
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Tampa Bay bicyclists log more than 58,000 miles during March, log virtual rides, and #socialdistance

Tampa Bay Bike Challenge participants share highlights from their rides. Top L to bottom R: "Bearss & Florida" by Brentin Mosher; "Bicycle tree" by Susie Cooke; Chan Bliss; "Trail ends" by Dave Sarcevic; Dayna Lazarus; Paula Flores & riding partner; and Thayron Byrd.

In honor of Florida Bike Month, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay hosted the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge, encouraging people to ride bicycles for any reason including exercise, recreation, errands, and to and from work. Responding to the COVID-19 crisis mid-challenge, the focus shifted to encouraging solo or family rides close to home and the inclusion of logging virtual rides.

The Challenge was hosted on the Love to Ride platform. 356 total riders logged rides throughout Tampa Bay with an astounding accumulation of 58,983 miles ridden and 3,680 trips taken. Leaderboards highlighted individuals taking the most bicycle trips, the most miles ridden, and for encouraging others to ride.

Everyone who logged even one trip is a winner!  Check out the Top Five in each category and visit www.lovetoride.net/tampabay for a full list of participants!

Top 5 Riders – Number of Miles Logged

  1. Danielle G.
  2. Julie Bond
  3. Ghaida Hawary
  4. Michele Collet-Kriz
  5. Kim Mcfadden
  1. Dave Sarcevic
  2. Terry Tuggle
  3. Roly Hernandez
  4. Phillip Schuster
  5. Lee Johnson

Top 5 New Riders – Number of Miles Logged

Here are the newest additions to the Tampa Bay bicycling community who logged the most rides during the March Tampa Bay Bike Challenge.

  1. Douglas Bentley
  2. Anthony Pierce
  3. Ben Money
  4. Harry Long
  5. Jeremy Rex
  1. Paula Flores
  2. Lisa Marie
  3. Camilla Valente Pires
  4. Martha Cavalletta
  5. Sarina Marie

Top 5 Riders – Number of Trips Taken

These riders logged the most trips taken on a bike during the month of March.

  1. Lawrence LaPointe
  2. Nick Foley
  3. Walter Watts
  4. Renee Barthel
  5. Camilla Valente Pires

Though this will certainly be a Florida Bike Month to remember, the Love to Ride Tampa Bay Bike Challenge provided an ideal platform to connect people virtually and encourage others to bicycle, empowering Tampa Bay’s bicycling community to mark the occasion in solidarity.

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