Tampa sees progress, makes top 50 best bike cities list in U.S.

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October 14, 2016
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Tampa sees progress, makes top 50 best bike cities list in U.S.

Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and New York are cities we expect to see on Bicycling magazine’s top 50 Best Bike Cities list. This year, a city that has never before seen such an accolade found its way into the top 50.

That’s right.  We’ve come a long way, Tampa Bay.

Every two years Bicycling magazine determines the list based on data from a variety of experts and leading bicyclist advocacy groups. “We look at everything from miles of bike lanes to the percentage of cycling commuters who are female—a key indicator of safe bike infrastructure—to the number of cyclist-friendly bars. The goal is not only to help you plan your next relocation but also to inspire riders and municipalities to advocate for change,” the magazine reports.

The article celebrates Tampa for responding to public concerns and demonstrating massive improvements to infrastructure and bicyclist safety in the past four years. From the newly constructed “Green Spine” to the Tampa Riverwalk, the city has improved bicyclist and pedestrian facilities by improving what we have now and by building what we need.

“There’s still much more to do to accommodate people on bikes, but now it seems that Tampa is listening,” the article concludes. It’s true; this is only the beginning.

It may be an uphill ride, but Tampa intends to make it to the top of that list as we continue to build a better future for our bicyclists.

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