Sunflower Sponsor: J. Steele Olmstead, P.A.,

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July 7, 2021
New school creates opportunity for students to walk and bike in Pasco County
October 8, 2021
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Sunflower Sponsor: J. Steele Olmstead, P.A., and J. Steele Olmstead support women bicycling wherever they go.

J. Steele Olmstead is a personal injury lawyer who founded, a legal firm that specializes in representing people injured while on bicycles. “I believe the people who ride bicycles are saving our planet and have every right to bicycle safely,” expressed Mr. Olmstead. “When they are injured, I am there to help.” is a sponsor of the Sunflower Bicycle Tour, a bicycle event hosted exclusively for women, who will ride from Titusville to St. Petersburg, crossing the entire state on the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail in spring 2022. When asked why Mr. Olmstead chose to support this event, he said: “If you look at the history of the United States, the west was ‘won’ by women. Whenever women enter a sphere and become prevalent and contribute, that space is bettered. Women can set the example for our cities to follow.” Mr. Olmstead also expressed his fully-fledged support of the Proclamation that will be carried to Florida leaders along the route during the Sunflower Bicycle Tour; the Proclamation will designate and affirm Women’s Bicycling Week for the State of Florida. “It is an excellent initiative that can only produce progress in weaning our community off of cars.” 

Looking ahead, Mr. Olmstead envisions a Tampa Bay with protected bicycle lanes on all major thoroughfares to provide the quickest ways to work, schools, and community resources. He is a founding member of the BWTB Advisory Board and has served the coalition’s mission since its beginning in 2015. 

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