Tampa Bay bicyclists log more than 63,000 miles during National Bike Month

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May 4, 2020
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June 3, 2020
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Tampa Bay bicyclists log more than 63,000 miles during National Bike Month

Local bicyclists shared photos of their rides during National Bike Month. Riders include: (top row) Paula Flores, Tammy Washburn, Lawrence Winship, Roly Hernandez; (bottom row) Steven Rickert, Karen Elfner, Rodney & Casi Chatman, and Ghaida Shehab.

May is designated as National Bike Month. To celebrate, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay (BWTB) encouraged riders to log rides and share photos on Love To Ride Tampa Bay, which tracks local participation in the National Bike Challenge. As with the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge held during March, participants logged bicycle trips during May and encouraged others to ride.

“While many of us are social distancing, riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise and feel connected with our community,” said Julie Bond, BWTB program director. “Bike month challenges are also a great time to set personal goals for health and fitness.” Bond personally added 936 miles and 36 trips to the May Bike Month Challenge statistics riding on local roads plus a few indoor rides.

In past years, the National Bike Challenge has placed significant focus on encouraging workplace participation. This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Challenge emphasizes individual and family rides instead and also allows individuals to log virtual indoor rides on a stationary bike or trainer.

During National Bike Month, 255 Tampa Bay riders logged rides, collectively riding an astonishing 63,126 miles in 2,901 trips; that’s more than 4,000 additional miles as compared to the March challenge! Leaderboards highlighted new riders and individuals who took the most bicycle trips, rode the most miles, and who encouraged others to ride.

To see the full list of results and sign up for future challenges, visit Love to Ride Tampa Bay

Everyone who logged a ride is a winner! Check out the top five in each of the following categories during the month of May:

Top 5 Riders – Number of Miles Logged


  1. Danielle Greer
  2. Julie Bond
  3. Ghaida Shehab
  4. Michele Collet-Kriz
  5. Kim McFadden


  1. Rob Bird
  2. Roly Hernandez
  3. Dave Sarcevic
  4. Phillip Schuster
  5. Terry Tuggle

Top 5 New Riders – Number of Miles Logged

Here are the newest additions to the Tampa Bay bicycling community who logged the most rides during National Bike Month.


  1. Michael Childs
  2. Austin Rivera
  3. Don Skelton
  4. Douglas Bentley
  5. Michael Maurino


  1. Joyce Pierce
  2. Paula Flores
  3. Stephanie Towle
  4. Candice
  5. Lisa Marie

Top 5 Riders – Number of Trips Taken

These riders logged the most trips taken on a bike during the month of May.

  1. Imre Berty
  2. Lloyd Pierce
  3. Lawrence LaPointe
  4. Chris Sheppard
  5. Dave Sarcevic

Top 5 Riders – Rides with kids

  1. Emily Hinsdale
  2. Keith Curington
  3. Kebreab Gebremichael
  4. Jodi Godfrey
  5. Paula Flores

Though National Bike Month has come and gone, the National Bike Challenge will continue through September 2020. Visit lovetoride.net/tampabay for a full list of participants and to view a snapshot of achievements as the nationwide challenge rolls on.

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