Forward Pinellas hosts Bike Your City 2021 celebrating Florida Bike Month during March

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Forward Pinellas hosts Bike Your City 2021 celebrating Florida Bike Month during March

Participants of Bike Your City 2021 take a selfie at one of the designated scavenger hunt locations.

By Angela Ryan, Principal Planner, Forward Pinellas 

In March, Forward Pinellas celebrated Florida Bicycle Month through a multi-faceted approach designed to reach the widest audience and share information pertaining to biking, roadway safety and Safe Streets Pinellas. The events, which included a Bike Your City scavenger hunt, Tuesday Trivia, and a community art project, were an incredible success!

Bike Your City Scavenger Hunt 

First, we implemented our 2nd annual Bike Your City Scavenger Hunt, which resulted in almost 950 registered participants and over 1,000 electronic submissions. In addition to celebrating biking, the focus was to provide Forward Pinellas created road safety infographics, documents, and other resources to a large audience. The goal of the event was to develop a fun experience for our communities to be engaged in biking while learning more about riding, walking, and driving safe. 

The scavenger hunt encouraged participants to find 20 “transportation treasures” while biking in their own communities. The scavenger hunt items were elements from the transportation network, such as Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, which keep us safe each day. Utilizing an ESRI Survey, we developed an easy to use mobile platform for participants to obtain a list of scavenger hunt destinations and upload a selfie once they found each item. To add a fun and competitive element to the event, the first 20 people who found at least 15 items each week of the scavenger hunt, received a free custom Bike Your City t-shirt and free bike lights. Participants provided overwhelming positive feedback regarding the mobile platform, the scavenger hunt items, and their overall enjoyment from biking around their communities.   

Tuesday Trivia 

Second, we implemented a “Tuesday Trivia” each week in March. Specifically, each Tuesday we posted a trivia question on our social media accounts. To emphasize the safety component, the questions were focused on Safe Streets Pinellas related trivia. Each week, the winner of our trivia event received a basket full of prizes, to include a $50 gift certificate to a local bike shop.   

Community Art Project  

Third, we are also pleased to have partnered again with the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMC). SHAMC created handmade bike advocacy yard signs which read, “Safe Streets Pinellas” and were given out for free.  SHAMC created 100 custom yard signs which through partnership with Pinellas County, have also been placed along the Pinellas Trail.

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