Bike/Walk Tampa Bay coalition recognizes National Bike Challenge riders at Fall Summit

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October 24, 2017
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October 27, 2017
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Bike/Walk Tampa Bay coalition recognizes National Bike Challenge riders at Fall Summit

Bicyclists from all over the Tampa Bay region were honored at the 2017 Fall Summit in St. Petersburg for participating in the League of American Bicyclist’s National Bike Challenge*. The purpose of the summit was to discuss regional progress toward creating a transportation-centered culture shift in Tampa Bay; the coalition’s goal is to get more people to walk and bike more in our beautiful region. The National Bike Challenge shares a similar purpose, to encourage everyone to hop on a bicycle, regardless what kind of rider they are. The Strava application is used to track progress as bicyclists across the country take on the challenge, one mile at a time.

This year Florida finished in Eleventh Place out of all 50 states, with the City of Tampa finishing in First Place in Florida, and in Nineteenth Place out of 3,664 cities nationwide. Even more impressive was the number of riders who helped accomplish this: 567 out of 31,595 in the country, with bicyclists like Amanda Coker, the individual winner of the National Bike Challenge, leading the way with incredible mile counts.

Though we are surrounded by some great athletes in the Bay Area, everyone who rode in the challenge was celebrated at the 2017 Fall Summit for joining our Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Strava Club, getting on their bicycles, and riding when, where, and how they ride best. It is with everyone’s participation that we are able to support a safe, healthy culture of bicycling in our region. Impressive as this year’s outcomes were, we look forward to celebrating even more bicyclists next year as bike infrastructure and safety continues to improve for the people in our communities.

We encourage everyone to join our Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Strava Club! Get ready to ride through Tampa in the 2018 National Bike Challenge today.

The Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Strava Club is for bicyclists of all abilities. Click here to sign up for Strava, and then join our club here!

*The League of American Bicyclists is in no way affiliated with Bike/Walk Tampa Bay (BWTB). BWTB hosts a team within the League’s well-established National Bike Challenge program. 

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