Bicycle Action Committee makes biking safe and easy for USF students, employees

“Bikes on Buses” enhances mobility, increases options for Tampa riders
April 1, 2016
USF’s dedicated police officers increase campus safety through visibility, education, enforcement
April 7, 2016
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Bicycle Action Committee makes biking safe and easy for USF students, employees

The University of South Florida Bicycle Action Committee was founded by Bike/Walk Tampa Bay Program Director, Julie Bond. Since, the group has been working to make USF a bicycle friendly campus. “I wanted to bring everyone together to make biking a priority on USF’s campus,” she says.


Students at University of South Florida are encouraged to bike to get around. Bikes can be borrowed from the USF Recreation Center or the Share-A-Bull bike share program to help students get across campus quickly. BullRunner shuttles are also fitted with bike racks for students who want to bike on campus but have too long a commute to ride their bikes from home. Maps of available bicycle parking also help students to navigate the USF area by bike.


In 2013, USF established a campus-wide 25 mile an hour speed limit. Since, there have been no bike fatalities on campus and USF has a very low rate of bicycle crashes each year. Only 34 people were injured on bikes in the past three years, and USF’s student population is 42,030.


Not only are students empowered to choose cycling as a preferred mode of transportation, they are taught to ride safely, too. Safety education presentations are available to members of the campus community upon request via the Bike/Walk Tampa Bay website. In addition, campus police enforce bicycle safety, teach students safe transportation practices, and students can protect their bikes by registering them with the USF Anti-Theft Decal program.


Are you biking safely on campus? Click here to take the USF Bicycle Safety Quiz and find out!

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