Traffic Skills 101 teaches hands-on safety techniques for bicyclists

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November 21, 2016
University of South Florida named Silver Bicycle Friendly University by League of American Bicyclists
December 1, 2016
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Traffic Skills 101 teaches hands-on safety techniques for bicyclists

Top (L-R): Coach Sharon Monahan, Jonathan Weidman, Jodi Walborn, Lisa Indovino, Bryan Stevens, Charles White Bottom: (L-R): Craig Fox, Brentin Mosher, Christine Acosta

On Saturday, November 19, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay (BWTB) hosted a Traffic Skills 101 course. The course was organized by Julie Bond, Senior Research Associate at CUTR and Program Director of BWTB, and taught by local League Cycling Instructor Sharon Monahan. Craig Fox, a BWTB board member, who recently became a League Cycling Instructor back in June, served as an assistant coach for the class, along with BWTB Support Staffer Brentin Mosher, who was also certified as an LCI in June.

Traffic Skills 101 teaches bicyclists valuable riding skills such as scanning and signaling before making a turn, smooth shifting of gears, and avoidance maneuvers such as the rock dodge and the emergency stop. In addition, attendees learned how to do an ABC Quick Check before getting on the bike (check the Air, Brakes, and Chain), and how to change a flat tire. The participants in the course practiced drills in the parking lot before putting them to real-life use in a seven-mile road ride.

The course is a prerequisite for becoming a League Cycling Instructor, but is also great for any bicycle commuters who want to learn valuable skills for being safe on the road.

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